Letters to the Bully

You burned me, you beat me, and you didn't care about me. I was the victim and you the bully, and now I'm dead. These are letters to you, that I wish you to read, and maybe someday, you'll see the real part of what you've done.


5. April 30, 2015

Dear Bully,

Yeah, you've beat me, killed me, and kept me alive for more torture, but I can't say "No", for my friends are still threatened, and no matter what you beat from me, you'll never beat my love or loyalty for my family and friends out.  This I can promise you.

I can see through the veil that you hide behind.  Behind that toughness is a scared person, terrified of what's been done, and terrified that you'll be found, helpless.  You're not only hiding from others, you're hiding from yourself.

8 days to freedom

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