Letters to the Bully

You burned me, you beat me, and you didn't care about me. I was the victim and you the bully, and now I'm dead. These are letters to you, that I wish you to read, and maybe someday, you'll see the real part of what you've done.


3. April 28, 2015

Dear Bully,

Yesterday, you shoulder checked me into a locker, pushed me around, broke my binder, and much more.  You punch not with your fists, but with your words and your emotions.  You can make a room cower at a glance, and a room clear at the sound of your name.  

Yeah, you're a bully, and that's what many people see.  Just a bully.  But I see something different.  I see you, the truth of you, but it's so far gone that only you can save you.

Even to this day, I cannot understand why you are picking on me.  It's not my fault, all of this isn't my fault.  

10 days until freedom

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