Letters to the Bully

You burned me, you beat me, and you didn't care about me. I was the victim and you the bully, and now I'm dead. These are letters to you, that I wish you to read, and maybe someday, you'll see the real part of what you've done.


2. April 26, 2015

Dear Bully,

Does it make you happy when you call me names?  Do you enjoy that you've broken me?  That I've given up?  Does it please you that I'm now dying slowly, my soul giving up?  Do you smile when you see my wrists?  Or when you bruise my face?

I know that you hvae something paining you, but you never want to face it.  So instead of facing what you need to, you're killing someone else for the pain.  You're blanketing your pain in the pain of another, because how could you possibly have pain when you're the one giving it?


12 Days to freedom

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