Fear is only a thought.

This story is about Merrie. She is living on the road because, she's a hunter of the supernatural. But after being all alone for so long what will happen when she meets the Winchester brothers?

From the supernatural series on TV. I don't own anything but my characters.


2. Six years later

I got back to my motel room after another successful hunt of getting rid of another poor enraged spirit. I landed on the soft cushions of the bed and sighed in content. It was going to be my birthday a week from now. As if that matters anymore.

After that incident six years ago. I came to in the hostpital and found out my parents had just died in a car crash. I know what really happened though. It was no car crash. I was targeted after seeing what I wasn't supposed to see. Ever since then without any other relatives I ran away from the police station and made my own living. As on the side I helped others with the unknown. In secret of course, I haven't been caught not once yet.

Yes I've heard of other hunters but I didn't care much about them. Why should I? I was meant to be all alone in this world. With no place to call home besides the road and motel rooms.

End of pov

She then heard a knock on her door. Pulling her from her thoughts. She holds her combat knife behind her back just In case. She looked through the peephole to see a tall man close around her age but few years older. He had shoulder length brown hair and hazel blue eyes.

"Give me a moment." She told the man and reached for the holy water and readied for an excuse in case he wasn't a demon. As she opened the door she tossed the liquid on the man. With no reaction to it she gingerly apologized to him and invited him on in. She headed to the small fridge and handed him a beer. "So what do you want now Sam Winchester?" I asked side glancing at him as I drank my Mt. Dew. He glared at me for using his last name but I don't really care.

"My brother and I need some help on a hunt."

"No." I responded with no hesitation. He rolled his eyes back at me.

"Mind if I ask why?"

"Nope. You see you have always had an extra pair of hands to help you. Whereas I have been on my own. Solved the most difficult things on my own, ever since my family disregarded me and my nonsense. There's my reason, now get out of my motel room." I finished pushing him out of the doorway, and slamming it in his face when he was bout to say something.

"Damn. You're a feisty one ain't you?" Katrina my guardian angle said not moments later. I ignored her as I rushed off to my phone to call up someone to help me get the damn hunters off of her back. So she can continue with her research of yellow eyes. She already met his daughter; Meg. And let's just say that they are friendemies for now. Meaning enemies and friends for now.

Which is who she was calling. "What is it now!?" Meg asked already annoyed. "I need you to get some hunters off my back."

"Okay. Who?"

"Sam and Dean Winchester."

"Again?!" She exasperated a heavy sigh. Making Merrie roll her eyes. "Yes again an make sure that they forget about me." She nearly yells in frustration as she hung up the phone. "You do know the only reason they ask of your help is because you are good at what you do, right?" Katrina asks as she looks through my dresser.

"Yes an no. What are you looking for?"

"I'm going out. Castiel has... Asked me out?" She said the last part almost questioning herself.

"Okay is it casual or are you guys going to screw around?"

"It's neither. Just a business meeting." Castiel say and appearing out of nowhere. Making me jump and slap him in the arm.

"Damn it Cas. Quit that!" I sorta yelled at him making him worried a bit.

"I'm sorry, Merrie. I didn't mean to-"

"Oh no worries casteil. She's a big girl. She'll tough it out. Now come." Katrina said as they vanished.

I stayed on my spot on my bed and glared at the spot where the vanished. I payed on my bed staring at the ceiling as sleep consumed me. And my nightmares.

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