Fear is only a thought.

This story is about Merrie. She is living on the road because, she's a hunter of the supernatural. But after being all alone for so long what will happen when she meets the Winchester brothers?

From the supernatural series on TV. I don't own anything but my characters.


1. Prolouge

Sixteen year old Merrie was sitting at home all alone. She was working on an art project for her junior year. She got a phone call a few minutes ago from her parents saying that they're going to be home late, again.

She sighs heavily as she sets down her paint brush. She felt her stomach grumbling so she made her way to the kitchen. Once she opened the fridge the awful smell of rotten eggs filled her nostrils. She covers her mouth feeling bile coming up her throat. 'Weird. We just went shopping last night.' She thought as she closed the fridge and went to grab her wallet and keys.

Then she covers her ears hearing an awful screeching. Almost like a banshee. She looks around to find nothing in her house. She walks outside still covering her ears. She spots something wrong going on in her next door neighbors house.

Without thinking she runs over after hearing her neighbor scream. She busted through the door and ran to her neighbors son, Jake. "What happened?!" She asked as she frantically put pressure on one of the deep gashes on his leg. He whimpered in pain as she did so. "Run and get help it's still here somewhere." She questioned him until she felt something grab her by her hair and threw her through a window.

She crashed through the window and landed hard on the grass. She tried getting up but winced. She looked down to see a glass shard indented into her side pretty deep. She sucked in a breath and ran/limped back inside the house. She smelled sulfur out of nowhere as she finally saw the creature. It's black eyes started back into her hazel ones as it snapped Jakes neck.

It made it's way over to her when she ran to a shed over to her house. She grabbed an axe and readied herself for a fight shed most likely won't win. The thing ran towards her, but she quickly stepped to the side and cut off its head. When it died she fell to the ground knowing that she was losing tooth blood and most likely will die. Until she heard a voice. "Today is not your day. Merrie Dawn Willow." Then I blacked out into nothingness.

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