Fear is only a thought.

This story is about Merrie. She is living on the road because, she's a hunter of the supernatural. But after being all alone for so long what will happen when she meets the Winchester brothers?

From the supernatural series on TV. I don't own anything but my characters.


3. Nightmares

She knew what was to come in her slumber. But what she didn't expect was how worst it had gotten.

She had that same dream of being locked up in a strange place that she hardly recognized. She hears hi mocking laughter. She flinched as the chains on her wrists and ankles tightened their grip. The smell of rotten flesh and meat. She realized where she was.

Lucifer had her in his torture chambers. The feel of blood running along her wrist from the rusted chains. As well as her ankles. "Look at me." He commanded her. She looked up and spat at him. He laughs manically as he wipes it away. He holds up her face merely inches away from his. "Watch as I kill you're family. Again, again, and again."

She rolled her eyes at him as he walked towards a coffin. He brings out her ten year old brother Keith. Lucifer slits the child's throat deeply. Spraying blood at her feet. She knows this isn't real. Well at least she needs to believe that.

Katrina. She thought as she sees her mother being disembowled. Hear my call and come into my dreams, Katrina!' She yelled out loud making lucifer hiss at her for saying the guardian's name. Then like a bright lightening Katrina came and banished lucifer and the torture chambers.

Merrie breathed a sigh of relief. Katrina almost didn't make it in time. This thought made her question if these nightmares of her will ever stop. Or of she'll never be able to wake from it. Of course she's still dreaming. She's in a pure white room no windows and no doors. At least that's what she thinks.

She smells a vanilla sent of a candle. There is a long wise table with three chairs on each side and one on the end. Merrie was standing on the end where there was no chair. Then she heard HIM. She heard Sam in the walls crying out in pain.

She bangs on the walls trying to get through to him. "So you do care? I knew you did." Katrina said once sam's voice died down. Merrie closed her eyes wishing she'd wake up right now.

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