In Another Life...

Written for the Fanfiction Royale contest. Gandalf's worst fears come true when he sees a meeting between Merry and Pippin and Fili and Kili.


2. Gandalf is doomed...

Many years following the incident in Rohan...

Gandalf found himself standing in what looked like Hobbiton, but it wasn't Hobbiton. It was Yavanna's Garden, where Hobbits went when they died. 

At present, Gandalf was talking to Frodo and Sam when Merry and Pippin showed up. They stared at him, as they had stared at him on the night of the victory party in Rohan. "Hi, Gandalf!" they yelled.

"Merry? Pippin?" Gandalf stared at them. "What are you two doing here?"

"We're dead," said Merry.

"Really?" said Frodo. "When did that happen?"

"A few days ago," said Pippin. "All I remember is laying in my bed in Minas Tirith and then waking up here. When I came here, Merry was waiting for me."

"Well, that's interesting," said Sam. 

"Now that we're all here, how's about we go visit your uncle," said Gandalf.

He led them to a grand stone hall, where another Hobbit was waiting. They all knew who it was. "Bilbo!" they all cried out. "What are you doing here?"

"I decided to come here," said Bilbo (who looked the same way he did BEFORE going on his first journey).

"But why did you come here?" said Frodo. "Didn't you want to be with your family?"

"I am with my family," said Bilbo, "and here they are."

At once, three dwarves came out. Two of them had dark hair while the third dwarf had blonde hair. Gandalf nodded as the dwarves came out and greeted him. Two of the dwarves said, "You must be Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin. Bilbo has told us about you four."

"And you guys are," said Frodo.

"Oh, we know who they are," said Merry. "You're Fili and Kili!"

"You're right," said Kili. "How did you know about us?"

"Well, Bilbo spent our entire childhood calling us Fili and Kili, especially whenever we stole his hot pepper pies and ate them," said Pippin. "And we forced Gandalf to tell us about you after that one party where he kept looking at us strange."

"He always looked at us strange," said Merry. "I wonder why."

"You two reminded me of Fili amd Kili," said Gandalf sadly. "They had their whole lives ahead of them, only to die in that terrible battle that never should have happened."

"Well, whatever," said Pippin. To Fili and Kili, he said, "Want to hang out with me and Merry?"

"Sure," said Fili and Kili. "We can go harass Ori until he blushes and scare the Elves!"

"NOOOOO!!!!" Gandalf yelled as Bilbo, Frodo, Sam, and Thorin glared at him. Fili, Kili, Merry, and Pippin laughed as they stared at Gandalf.

Then the world exploded.

You're welcome.

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