The Perfect Storm

The day she kissed him and the day at the park were the last days of fun for her. Nothing changed for him but, her whole world was turned upside down.


4. The Others


I guess I should of realized that she was a virgin at the time. She was a freshman and still Bambi eyed. You could tell by looking at her that she was still innocent, I screwed up. 

"Dude we need to practice" Korey reminded me while I was still deep in thought.

"What?" I murmured.

"What's wrong with you? Do you have another girlfriend?" John piped in.

"No, I remember what happened last time just as well as you, maybe I was drunk all the time so I have some memory but it is fuzzy. It was a one time thing." I replied.

"Does she know that or is it just you saying that now?" Korey asked.

"More like me just saying that now but she's a freshman Kor she had to know it wouldn't last." I told her.

"God Seth she is a freshman if anything she wouldn't know that she probably expects this to last. And I can't believe I am gonna say this but you need to make it last." Korey advised and shocked me in the process.

"Seth I hate to tell you this but you fucked up man she is a freshman. Did you guys use protection at least?" Jen said.

"No. Why? You don't think she could be pregnant." 

"Who knows Seth I mean seriously, when did you guys have your 'one night thing' anyway?"

"It was Friday afternoon, then we went to homecoming the next day. Kor you are my best friend, I need some advice." I told her and then we walked outside. 

"What do you want me to say Seth this happens every time. I just got dumped and John has a kid somewhere, and Jen's dad just died, your problems are what if's. I am seriously done with this. We had a vote you are out we will find a new lead guitarist. One who might actually practice with us and not get drunk every night or push their problems on us. I love you Seth, you are practically my brother and I didn't vote for you to go but, I was outnumbered. You need to get your life together and you can't do that on tour buses or drunk off your ass all the time. It isn't good for our image either. I am sorry but, you got to go."

"No please Kor this band and you guys are all I have left. Every since my mom got sent back to rehab and my dad back to prison. Please no Kor I love you guys, I love you. You are all I have left."

"I know and I am and I'm not leaving you the band just needs a better image right now. I will text you. Bye" Korey says and hugs me.

I left and went home, I hadn't cut in almost a year and that night I just broke she screwed me up. I have never felt so horrible my parents didn't get a say in whether or not they left, the band and Kor they did and they chose to send me away. I debated suicide for hours and didn't get any sleep. Kor tried to talk to me at school the next day and so did Jeza but, I didn't want to talk to either of them. It was really hot in the building so Korey knew something was up when she saw the hoodie.

"What did you do Seth? Please tell me you didn't" Korey said with tears in her eyes.

"I did I am sorry" I said crying.

She stood in the hall and hugged me for an eternity and then we went to my house and watched tv. 

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