Born to die

Everyone is born with a date on their wrist.


1. Born

Somehow people have evolved. Back in the Before people would live until old age, not because of some stupid tattoo on their wrist. I am very envious of the Before people they always seemed to do things I wasn't aloud to do like choose for myself of live. I have always wanted to be one of them but unless you have a time machine on you I don't think I'll be able to. I'm even forced to get A-mazing grades in school. Well I have only a year left to live so why even bother with that right so I blow it off but surprisingly I have great grades. I feel bat for the Before people of as I call them Cataracts. The reason is because 2000 years in the past 2015 to be exact the people of the 21st century finally decided that saving the Earth was a great idea. Well it was so I'm able to be here the 17 years I have planed for my life. But more on the tattoos.

The tattoos are the set date of our death. Because the Cataracts had population problems we evolved. We don't know how this happened but it did. My date is 12-25-4016. Christmas. Depressing I know but life is life. I have such a close date because I don't have an assigned job. Mom is a Doctor so she has lived longer then dad, he was a teacher so he only lived his 30. Mom is like 50 or something like that.

"Kazzy are you done with your Vid-Dy?" My mother's dace showed up on my Facewall. (it's basically facetimeing but it's built into your wall and the can call anytime, unless you block them for the times your changing and what not a/n)

"Yeah mom I'll be down in a sec."

"Hurry because I will be having colleges over for review and  their kids are coming they are your age so please look presentable."

"Yes Ma'am."

Stupid people Well that concludes my Vid-Dy.      

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