Just next door

Markiplier x reader. done. i'm no good at descriptions :/ This is result to boredom so tell me what you think and I might make more! I also have another story in-progress called True Love KcCool I would love if you would check it out! mkthnxbye


3. The title comes into play

          As you get back to your apartment, you flop lazily onto the couch. You live alone, as you don't really have many friends in LA. You had just moved here from Ireland (sorry if your not from there) about 6 months ago. "I really need to do something," you say while getting up, and walking toward the kitchen. You are singing y/fs (your favorite song) quietly. You begin putting food away.


*timeskip 10 minuets of putting away food because author is lazy*


                After finishing up with the food, you decide to text this 'Mark' guy. I mean he was pretty cute, and you needed some friends anyway. 

Conversation Y=You M=Mark

Y- Hey! Mark is it?

M- Yeah, what's up?

Y- Boredom that's what :P

M- Awwwwww you poor thing

Y- wanna meet me at that cafe on 3rd Street?

M- Sure! When? 

Y- Like 3

M- OK!



            You could tell Mark was special. And you were about to know him even better. As the clock says 2:30, you must get ready. You put on a black zip-up jacket, and a pair of black fuzzy boots. It was quite chilly today. For California at least. Your hair is put in a ponytail, and you walk out the door. Just as you close the door, you see non-other than Mark shutting his. "Mark!" you slightly yelled. "y/n!" he screamed back. Approaching him, you start smiling.              

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