Just next door

Markiplier x reader. done. i'm no good at descriptions :/ This is result to boredom so tell me what you think and I might make more! I also have another story in-progress called True Love KcCool I would love if you would check it out! mkthnxbye


2. Meeting Mark

                    You were never really one with technology, so no youtube, or facebook or anything like that. You don't know who Mark is.


               One day you decided to go to the supermarket, so you put on your y/fc (your favorite color) shirt, and you put on eye shadow with some mascara. While walking around the store, lost i your own thoughts, you bump into a man. Being as shy as you are, you simply mumble out a "sorry" to the man now on the floor. Yet just your luck, he stops you while your walking away. "Wait," he said, holding your arm. You stop, as he was holding your arm. "I'm Mark," he says. You feel your cheeks heat up as he let go of your arm, but you don't know why. "I'm y/n," you say under your breath, looking at the floor. "here's my number, if you ever want to talk," he smiled. You smiled back, but with a chuckle, as you noticed his tomato-colored face. "What's so funny?" He asked. You replied back, finally able to talk again "You face looks like a fire truck," you said. He rubbed his neck in embarrassment, which makes you laugh again. "You know, your beautiful when you laugh," Mark explained. All you could do was stand there and blush. "Maybe I'll use this," you said with a smirk, finally taking the note from his hand. 


The End? 



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