Just next door

Markiplier x reader. done. i'm no good at descriptions :/ This is result to boredom so tell me what you think and I might make more! I also have another story in-progress called True Love KcCool I would love if you would check it out! mkthnxbye


1. Intro facts

                     Hi! I'm Kc. In this story, you will be represented by y/n which means your name. In case you didn't know. You live in Los Angles California. You are 23 years old, and some other things are y/ec (your eye color) y/fc (your favorite color) y/hc (your hair color) y/h (your height) and y/fa (your favorite animal). I will remind you each time one comes up, so there is no need to remember them. Okay, have fun reading!

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