Walk Among Us

A couple of years ago war broke loose ending with the death of 85% of humanity-all gone because of nuclear explosions and the endless battle of our differences.

The strongest and most powerful will join together and make one nation by picking the strongest of the people left and the ones left unaffected by the radiation, and those who were will have to live out in the ruins left by humanity and walk among the land they once called home.


4. Tiger-eyes

'When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.'

- Alexander Graham Bell


A man burst into the room where they had all the people in cubicles. He started banging his stick on the side of each wall, yelling orders in our language.

"Get up you worthless worms, I don't have all day, people are waiting for their slaves to come." That caught the attention of the people. They looked around at each other and started weeping. Women held their children closer and pulled them out of view of the man. He stared greedily at the women who had been stripped bare the day before. He approached them but the boy who had killed the man the day before for touching them got in front of him.

"Move over kid," the man said as he tried approaching him. The girls were trying to find something to put and scurry away.

"I said move," the man said getting in the boys face. Another man came and pulled the guy away and said, "I wouldn't do that if I were you the kid killed a man with his bare fists yesterday."

That's when the first guy noticed the metal balls on the boys hands. The men had placed those to stop him from throwing another punch, even in his sleep he keeps fighting, he overheard another soldier said as they dragged him away.

"What's your name?" The second man asked as he pulled a clipboard out and waited for him to answer. He looked the boy over, he was wearing dark green cloth with combat boots and had scars all over his arms and one across the side of his face. He was breathing heavily and looked like a tiger analyzing his prey waiting to attack. The boy didn't answer. He stared at the man with his tiger-like eyes.

"I said what's your name?" The soldier said more sternly. Yet the boy didn't answer. He was playing with them the soldier thought. The first soldier got impatient and hit the kid on his side with his stick which also sent an electro shocks. The boy grits his teeth and let a grunt out but still remained. The other people were sitting still watching as the man continued to beat the boy until he tired. The boy let out a growl that made some crouch back.

"Just put him as Tiger-eyes. We'll look for more information in the database," the soldier said as he finally gave up.

They left him chained to the wall as they moved on to get the names of the others and pulled them out into the exit. They left a couple people behind. Maybe half of the 1,200. But there still was hope for the others maybe they had a better fortune than the last.


Tiger-eyes POV

I watched intently waiting for the men to come back but they didn't. I looked around trying to find a familiar face but there was none. I felt lonely and abandoned. I hoped that my family had made it.

"Are you okay?" I heard from the left side so I turned grunting from the pain the electro shots had caused on my side. I looked around but it was dimly lit and my eyes were half swollen shut from the beating I couldn't see the person but I could make out their form. A small frame of a girl perhaps. 

"Are you okay?" The person asked again her voice low and smooth. She got closer until I could see her.

"I saw what they did to you and wanted to make sure you were okay," she said as she looked at me her dark blue eyes scanning my body. 

"Yes," I said. I wasn't much of a talker so I didn't say more than that. She got closer and checked my face and cleaned my wounds.

"Here," she said as she gave me a rag to lay on. I fell asleep planning how I was going to get away and take all these people with me.









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