Walk Among Us

A couple of years ago war broke loose ending with the death of 85% of humanity-all gone because of nuclear explosions and the endless battle of our differences.

The strongest and most powerful will join together and make one nation by picking the strongest of the people left and the ones left unaffected by the radiation, and those who were will have to live out in the ruins left by humanity and walk among the land they once called home.


5. Sold

 'An eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind'

- Mahatma Gandhi


After a while of sitting and waiting the soldiers finally came back. "We pulled up the file but there was nothing about this kid," the man said as if he were talking to me. I sat and stared, there was no way I would tell them who I was.

"Look, kid, if you don't tell us who you are we will have to sell you off to the experiment labs, they pay big money for someone strong as him " he said now talking to his partner as he picked me up and unlocked the balls, both falling and making the sound thump on the floor. The other people that remained scooted out of their way as the dragged me out the door they had entered. The girl from before stared at me as they pulled me away. 

I nodded my head as in thank you for her help. Since my eyes had accustomed to the darkness of the cubicles the light of the sun made me turn away and blink a couple of times to let the accustomate. 

As we reached closer to the edge of the boat I saw a row of people with shackles on their necks and hands. The soldiers were yelling orders and some were running back and with paper and guns in tow. I stood looking at my surroundings trying to look for a way to get away and take the rest with me. But, there were none. There was, at least, one soldier in uniform with loaded guns at each exit and corner of the entire boat. The man pushed me and murmured to the other guy in their language.

"I know what he's doing," he said to the man to my right.

"I do too, he's looking for a way out. But, after his massacre of yesterday, the commander raised surveillance and security. He killed six men in total. One with his fists and the rest with the machine gun," he continued walking toward the rest of the chained people.

I thanked my father for the implant he demanded me to get. It allowed me to understand and speak any language, it was one of the many inventions he made, he also made it be undetectable unless someone decided to open me up. But, it looked like that was where I was going, getting opened up by unknown men to experiment on me.

"Come along the man," the man said switching to English. They approached a short man, he looked me over with his almond shaped eyes.

"This one is perfect," he said as he pushed his black hair back. "He will do. About time you men bring me something good," he said and then quickly switched to mandarin. "I can sell those eyes. People nowadays pay big money for parts. His are very unique," He said as he watched the men put the shackles on my arms and legs. If they knew me better, I would be out of these in no time. But, I stayed put, in case I get a chance to run off once I'm off the boat. I stared into the empty ocean, perhaps I could jump off, I thought as I looked over.

"We are not stupid we know what you are planning," the soldiers said as he pulled me away and followed the man until we reached a hovercraft.

"This is a 2048 design. I've been with it for 22 years since the war," he said as he made the men put me inside and tie me up in the back.

"It will be 500 grand," the soldier said as he took out a scanner and scanned the mans arm bar.

"Considered yourself sold Tiger-eyes," he said as walked away giving the man space to undock. I stared out the tinted window as the hover went up and flew away. My hands were tied behind my back and so were legs. I leaned my head back against the cool leather of the seat and closed my eyes. My thoughts were everywhere, how would I get them out, how will we survive. I couldn't do anything I had failed my father.

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