Walk Among Us

A couple of years ago war broke loose ending with the death of 85% of humanity-all gone because of nuclear explosions and the endless battle of our differences.

The strongest and most powerful will join together and make one nation by picking the strongest of the people left and the ones left unaffected by the radiation, and those who were will have to live out in the ruins left by humanity and walk among the land they once called home.


3. Fog

'To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering'

-Friedrich Nietzsche 


"Milan when are we going home." A little girl asked her older sister. They stood by the rail of the boat wondering when will they be free again.

The night was coming and the fog was growing thicker. The boat lights were coming on, the authorities were starting to cram people into small cubicles to sleep for the night. No one was offered food or blankets to sleep, they were afraid as to what waited ahead for them-What waited for them on the other side.

A single boy stood alone by the rail, he was the only one that wasn't offered a room. All the cubicles were stuffed and didn't have space for one more. He was lost and lonely, everything he had was left behind in what he once called home. His mother, father, brothers, and sisters all dead or lost somewhere in the deadlands. Was it the cause of the war or was it that they had given up and no longer wanted to fight. He once was a fighter, his father would compare him to a Tigre or Tiger, he was quite and smart and always got his prey.

But, all of that went down the drain. He lost his fight as he watched everything he had helped build was destroyed by a single explosion. People he helped protect were gone, the plants he was able to smuggle and grow were gone, and what was left of his family was either dead or lost in the aftermath.

He continued to ponder in his thoughts and letting the cool breeze of the ocean envelope him. He fell asleep as the boot continued to move at a slow pace now.




Morning approached as the boat finally reached a stop. The boy slowly woke up and looked around trying to find a sign of any other person out there with him but, there was none. He stood up and walked around and tried to see through the now dispersing fog. He expected everyone to be in their cubicles but as he looked deeper no one was there. Everyone was gone, he went around and finally, he heard something a whisper of voices but, as he got closer they were screams and people yelling and the soldiers yelling orders in their language. He reached around a corner and got a better view of what was going on. 

The soldiers were grabbing people and yelling numbers and lining women up and ripping their cloth off. He only saw red as he charged at one of the men and knocked him to the ground, his tiger was out on full speed and all he did was throwing punches as he beat the man the others stood aside in shock as they watched him beat the man. No one made a move they all stood silently and watched. He couldn't hear anything or feel anything his only goal was to kill. He grabbed the now dead man's weapon and started shooting at the foreign men. They stood aside until one of them decided to start shooting back people screamed and ducked and some tried to run off.

He was finally knocked down when one of the soldiers lunged at his back and knocked him out, he felt alive at that moment he savored the pain of the injection the man gave him. He slowly fell to his knees and looked at his surroundings, He promised his father that he will make it and he will. He spit in the man's face as he finally went down. The last thing he saw was the dead body of the man as he was dragged away and the women pushed back into the crowd and led to the cubicles.

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