Walk Among Us

A couple of years ago war broke loose ending with the death of 85% of humanity-all gone because of nuclear explosions and the endless battle of our differences.

The strongest and most powerful will join together and make one nation by picking the strongest of the people left and the ones left unaffected by the radiation, and those who were will have to live out in the ruins left by humanity and walk among the land they once called home.


2. 1,200 souls

'There can never be peace among nations until it is first known that true peace is within the souls of men'

- Sioux Proverb


"Ticket AS0001!" The foreign man called out, he was sitting inside a glass box with a glowing light on the inside and a computer in front of him and many more buttons beside. There more of these lined up but, this was the first one to start.


The person with the ticket number emerged from the crowd. He was the first to go behind him was a woman she was wailing, all the people could do was keep their heads down and not say a word.


"Name?" The foreign man asked him through the mic in the box.


"Eli Kova," He said his voice wavering a little, we all knew he was trying to be strong. The woman wailed louder. The man in the box pulled out a file from the computer and asked the man questions like

Where were you born?

How old are you?

When were you born?

and more...


When he was done he was scanned in the eyes, body, had a blood sample taken out and then checked for radiation exposure.

EBS- electric body scanner-was the name of the machine they used to scan us. They took us one by one asking us the same questions as well as calling our ticket number. That same machine injected us with a needle that had a green goo in it. We watched as the green went up his arm and dispersed in the veins. 

They lined us up on the boardwalk of Sky a city founded in the year 2020, it's been fifty years since.

They lined the ones that passed the scanners and loaded the ship.

Only 1,200 souls made it out of the 4,000.

The ones that stayed behind were left with the wars aftermaths.


"Please let us go with you!"


"We beg you!"


People that were being left were yelling to the ones on board. Some died in the attempt on getting on the ship. Some were killed by the Russian and Chinese authorities.

"Derzhites' podal'she ot korablya (stay away from the ship)!" A russian soldier yelled and shot 5 rounds of bullets in the air. The ship started to move further away from the dock, even the further it went people still attempted to jump aboard knowing their chances were one to none in making it. 

Some people watched over the railing, they watched as the land and the bodies started to fade into the fog, we could still hear the cries and yelling of those who were staying. We could hear families crying out to their families.

"MOMMA!!" A young boy cried out from the rail of the ship he tried to jump over but the officers pulled him back and whacked him in the head twice gradually killing him.

Some women watched, some children cried, some men who still had their family pulled their members closer and hugged them tightly. The wails of the people could still be heard but they were faded and the further we moved the more they would fade until they were nothingness.

These were the cruel realities of a war.

No one would be happy.

No one would smile.

Guilt will claw your soul.

Nothing will warm your heart.





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