The Green Hill Manor Fanzine 2015

A magazine dedicated to my young adult fiction series "The Green Hill Manor Mystery". In this magazine, I'll be discussing what gave me the idea to write the story, who the main characters are, and some pop culture events that happened in 2010.


2. So, what's the "Green Hill Manor Mystery" about?

Actually, I'm glad you asked that question, as this will lead to why I'm publishing this magazine.

I thought of this story in 2010, but it didn't take off until 2012. At that time, I thought that it would be a reboot of a story that I wrote a long time ago, but that idea refused to take off and I had to ditch the story altogether.

After watching Pretty Little Liars on TV (and feeling slightly disappointed with some of the aspects of the show), I decided to create a story where a teenager disappears and no one knows where that person went. To shake things up, I decided to have the missing teenager in question be despised by the people in the city for several unknown reasons. Yet I had to leave in the stalker, but the stalker doesn't bother anyone very much, except to harass a group of kids about their missing friend. 

But why the "Green Hill Manor Mystery"? I'll explore that in a later post.

What's the story about, anyway?

The story is about a group of kids whose best friend/ringleader, Tanya Shinnok, was kidnapped while they were hanging out at an abandoned camper in a neighbor's backyard one night. The city of Harrison Creek, Oregon doesn't know about the kidnapping until ten days has passed. But then, it is almost too late to begin the search-and-rescue. (And it doesn't help that the city is criticized for not responding quickly to the kidnapping.)

But this story doesn't just focus on the investigation; instead, it focuses on the friends that Tanya had left behind. Mara Llewellyn is a girl who love role-playing games and is good at fixing computers. Stuart Greer is a socially conscious boy who helps a well-known student activist fight for the freedom of Tibet. Irene Haughton is a wealthy girl whose preference for anything fancy annoys her friends. Pearl Tanner is the youngest member of the clique at age 10; she enjoys reading science and science fiction. (She once punched a class bully in the face because he didn't know the difference between an Romulan and a Vulcan.) These kids end up becoming the main focus of the story, as their friendship with the despised (and missing) Tanya Shinnok made them targets of tabloid reporters and cyberbullies.

Yet, they're not the only main characters featured in this story. 

At the same time as Tanya's disappearance, a girl named Shara Shinnok moved to Harrison Creek with her family. Knowing that Tanya's father and Shara's father are brothers, some people attempt to make Shara's new life a nightmare. Yet Shara (who declares that she's from San Francisco, California, "where people don't do stuff like that because it's illegal") stops various people in their tracks by calling them out on their bull. She also reaches out to Mara, Stuart, Irene and Pearl (after she intimidates them). 

At first, the gang is reluctant to ask Shara to help them find Tanya (as she had arrived in Harrison Creek at the same time that Tanya disappeared). But when a cyberbully known as the Stranger decides to tear apart the children's friendships, that's when they must really fight to save their friendship and give Shara the welcome that she deserves.

OK, so that's the story. If you have any questions, please comment below. I'll be back next week with the first article.


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