A Garmau Fan fiction Volume 1

Aphmau is a famous YouTuber and in her series Minecraft Diaries there's this character named Laurence and a character name Garroth the both really love Aphmau, but Aphmau doesn't know who she loves. There's an evil person who wants to kill Aphmau so he can get her powers his name is Zane


3. Secrets

Everything goes quiet. Suddenly an arrow shoots and flies by Aphmau's neck, Laurence and Garroth get there swords out. "Stop you guys could get hurt I can handle this!" Aphmau yelled, "I will fight for you Aphmau because that's what friends do." Garroth said back, "yeah "friends" huh" Aphmau said as she let out a sigh. But when they saw the person who shot the arrow they saw it was Zane! "ZANE?!" Garroth yelled in shock, "yes do you have a problem with me being here brother." Zane replied. "B-brother?" Aphmau said as she turned to face Garroth, "oh he hasn't told you were brothers such a shame your "friend" kept a secret from you." Zane said, Laurence looked at Aphmau. Just then Zane disappeared! "A-aphmau I'm s-so sorry I wanted to tell you but I thought you would hate me it's fine if you do now." Garroth said as he walked away slowly.

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