A Garmau Fan fiction Volume 1

Aphmau is a famous YouTuber and in her series Minecraft Diaries there's this character named Laurence and a character name Garroth the both really love Aphmau, but Aphmau doesn't know who she loves. There's an evil person who wants to kill Aphmau so he can get her powers his name is Zane


5. Protective

"Come on Aphmau I'll show you why you should chose me." Laurence implied as he got up, "What do you mean about you'll show her?!" Garroth said in anger! Aphmau blushed and stayed quiet. "You'll find out when we come back." Laurence said, Garroth put his sword to Laurence's neck "She's not going anywhere whith you!" Garroth yelled! "Garroth your being so protective that shows that you like her and if you don't tell her I'll tell her how I feel first." Laurence replied. "Garroth you like me?". Aphmau said.

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