A Garmau Fan fiction Volume 1

Aphmau is a famous YouTuber and in her series Minecraft Diaries there's this character named Laurence and a character name Garroth the both really love Aphmau, but Aphmau doesn't know who she loves. There's an evil person who wants to kill Aphmau so he can get her powers his name is Zane


4. Laurence or Garroth

"I don't hate you" Aphmau said as she quickly ran over to Garroth and hugged him. Laurence walked over to Aphmau and Garroth. "Huh your not mad but I hid this from you?!" Garroth said. "Let's go home." Laurence suggested, "sure" Aphmau and Garroth responded. (There at home) "now Aphmau do you like me or Garroth?" Laurence said as he kissed Aphmau's forehead. Garroth pushed Laurence on the ground "Why would you do that and w-why would you ask her that!?" Garroth yelled. Aphmau blushed G-garroth or L-Laurence...". She mumbled.

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