Please, get me out of this hellhole.

Sunnie, a 20 year old girl who goes to star university. No, her real name is not Sunnie it's Sayuri, but because she always has a smile on her face, she has been nicknamed that ever since. Anyway, a new famous group join her school, let the Hell commence!!!


1. introduction.

Anneyong!!! Sunnie ibnida! I'm 20 years old and i attend Star university!!!!

I am known at the school for being really nice and always having a smile on my face!!

Anyway, i was walking when i heard a gasp behind me,a

"Sunnie!!! Wait up!!" Amber Liu, my half American half Chinese best friend yelled, gasping for breathe. "Man, you would think that being in the basketball team, would make you more fitter." Amber mumbled in English, leaning down catching her breath. Luckily i learn't English!! I giggled "good morning to you too amber!"

Once she (finally) caught her breathe, we walked to school. Bit boring if you ask me, but next year you choose what to major in, i'm choosing Art and design. Amber is a jock unlike me so she's going for P.E. While, lastly our popular American friend Jack Johnson is majoring in Music and Dance with his 'buds' Jack gilinksky, Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, Matthew Esponsia, Taylor Caniff and many more.

What people don't get is how a group of totally different people get along amazingly well. I don't get it either but hey!, what can you do? We JUST sat down for lesson when we had a 'SPECIAL' assembly. Amber groaned. I just laughed.

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