Just a bad memory.


9. 9

-at the pizza place-

We all ordered pepperoni pizza and devoured it within minutes well the guys did while me and Alex ate it at a considerate pace.

"What time is it?" I ask and all the guys look up and check the time.

"11:30pm why?" Calum asked who was across from me.

"Oh nothing just wondering , its gotten late pretty quickly. "

"Yeah its usually like this. " Luke said who was beside me.

Luke was not like the others he was more polite and it looked like he kept looking out for me. Or i might be overthinking things.

"So Ice do you have a boyfriend?"Michael asked intently leaning over on the table which caught everyone else's attention.

"Umm no... Why?" I asked as Alex was just smirking at me from the corner pf my eye.

"Oh just wondering. Say i think its time to get going. The girls need their sleep. " Michael said pointing to Alex who was yawning and leaning on me almost asleep.

"Yeah that would be best. "Ash said and came around the table and picked Alex up like before.

We all paid for the pizza and started walking back to campus and it was pretty cold as it was really late at night and pretty far from campus.

"Here ice your going to get ill." I look to see Luke putting his jacket over my shoulder and wrapping his arm around me which gave me shivers down my spine.

It was like his touch was electrifying , yet like a drug making me want more and more.

"Thank you." I whispered as he just smiled and pulled me closer to him and rubbed my arm keeping me warm.

After about an hour of walking we got back to campus and it was 1 am , there were some student around messing about and some passed out on the grass.

"Were here!" Calum whispered to everyone and unlocked the door to a room which i stupidly thought was mine but ended up being the guys room.

"Here you can wear this." Ash said handing me a shirt that looked like a dress.

"Thanks , so sleepy ahh."i said yawning towards the end and stripped off my top and jeans and put the shirt on and flopped onto the bed and curled into a ball.

There were whispers but soon i fell asleep to the sound of a heartbeat.

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