Just a bad memory.


8. 8

After talking to the guys i walk back to my dorm to get my schedule as i forgot to put it in my bag the hallways were pretty crowded which made my anxiety quiet harder to manage. I somehow managed to get to my dorm and grab the schedule and Alex was still there so she led me to the art classes.

-end of classes-

Me and Alex got back to our dorm and got ready to go out for pizza with the guys as we didn't eat anything before.

Alex wore a simple grey t-shirt dress and little brown booties and had her back purse where as for me i wore black skinny jeans and a long sleeve white crop top with a crystal necklace. I slipped on my black on black converses and tied my hair up into a messy bun.

"Alright the guys should be here soon so I'm going to the bathroom quickly. " Alex said while jogging into the separate room and i was at my table leant over and watering my plants and on my laptop updating my blog.

"Silver!!" Ashton screamed as he opened the door with the other guys behind him.

"Don't worry i have a spare key for Alex situations you know. "He said holding his key up to show me.

"Thats alright Alex is in the bathroom. "I said and went back to typing on my computer and saving my blog.

"Wow you look very nice ." Luke said standing against the wall beside my table.

"Thanks. " i said and closed my laptop and grabbed my phone.

"So silver , what pizza do you like?" Ash asked folding his arms while standing in front of me.

"I like them all. " i said with a slight smile which then got ashton grinning from ear to ear.

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