Just a bad memory.


7. 7

"Sure lets meet your other best friends. Are they nice?" I ask and he nodded grabbing my arm and my bag and walking out the door leaving Alex there.

"Can i have my bag now?" I ask as i put my hand out.

"No and yes i will hold your hand silver. I knew you liked me from the start just cant keep your hands off me !" He said holding my hand tightly and swinging it side by side.

"Hahahaha you wish ashy , sorry but your not my type." I said letting go of his hand and he looked hurt at me but then faded as he started laughing.

"So you have a type? What is it tell me!" He said budging my with his elbow.

"Don't worry ash , you don't need to know nobody does. My heart is as cold as ice. " i said fixing my hair over my chest.

"No your not your just really sweet. But not everyone can see that. Oh here we are at band practice!" He said and in front of us was a stage with music equipment and three other guys messing about.

"Luke ! Cal! Micheal! We have company!" Ash yelled jumping on the stage and helping me up.

"Guys i want you to meet my new friend Ice. And silver this is Luke Calum and Michael and were in a band called 5 seconds of summer. " he said pointing to all the guys with his arm swing around my shoulder.

"Wait your name is Ice?" Calum asked which i just nodded in reply.

"Your hair is so awesome. It really suits you!" Michael said picking up a strand and examining it which was kinda creepy.

"Thanks i guess. So ash what instrument do you play?" I ask as i examine all the instruments up on the stage.

"Im the drummer with my amazing drums right over there!" He said pointing over towards the back.

"Nice. " was all i said and sat on the sofa at the back of the stage.

After the meet up with the other guys we started talking about each other and then they performed a song for me which was pretty good I'm not going to lie.

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