Just a bad memory.


6. 6

-the next morning-

I woke up took a shower which we lucky had our own and got dressed into a black button up shirt with a long blazer and black skinny jeans with the same boots and backpack. I did a smokey eye makeup and a natural lip colour. I drank some green tea and just went through social media and talking to people until Alex woke up.

"Remind me never to drink out of the red cups ever!" Alex shouted as she rolled out of bed on the floor.

"Alright come on Alex here have some tea and medicine , ill pick out your clothes. " i said and handed her tea and walked to her dresser and picked out a pair of jeans and a shirt With jacket with black on black converses.

"Go take a shower and get dressed now. Ill tell your brother your awake now. " i said and grabbed my phone and texted ash that Alex was awake and in the shower and he instantly replied that he was on his way.

I drank the rest of my tea and threw away the disposable cup. I grabbed my sketchbook and pencil and started sketching out some plants and a hand from a skeleton model.

"Good morning silver!" Ash yelled as he walked into our dorm and plopped himself in Alex's bed.

" well someones in a happy mood this morning. " i said not raising my head off my sketchbook.

"Nah i'm just always happy. Anyway what your drawing there?" He said as he got up and put his arm on my back.

"Just some random sketches for my blog. " i said and finished and took a picture with my canon camera and put it back in its place.

"Hey ash can you do a big smile for me please?" I asked and he nodded and grinned widely. I quickly took a picture on my phone and set it as his contact picture.

"Thank You!" I said and Alex walked out in the outfit i picked out for her.

"Morning ice morning dipshit!" She said walking out with a cookie in her hand.

"Hey no swearing!" Both me and ash said at the same time which made us laugh.

"Wow okay thats creepy. " Alex said walking away getting her stuff and going on her phone.

"Anyway silver i want you to meet my three of my other best friends besides you!" He said smiling intently.

"Im your best friend already?" I asked with a questionable look on my face.

"Yeah oh and by the way put on the hat from last night it suits you better. " he said as he grabbed it and put it on my head carefully moving my hair out of my face.

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