Just a bad memory.


5. 5

"Anyway silver its getting really late do you want me to show you to your room and get Alex as she is drunk out of her mind?" He asked and i nodded as we went in search of Alex.

"There she is!" I said pointing to her passed out on the floor.

Ash picked her up and put her over his shoulder and carrier her out of the house and into the main building.

"Im sorry about Alex. " i said and he just laughed.

"Its alright I'm used to this. Shes my sister. " he said and i just looked at him wide eyed.

"Really but your nothing alike. Well as in looks." I said and he just giggled.

"Yeah we get that a lot. Anyway what speciality are you doing here?" He asked.

"Oh I'm doing art ballet and probably music as well." I said folding my arms over my chest.

"Awesome I'm doing just music with my best friends hopefully ill see you in my class maybe?" He said and i nodded.

The rest of the walk was quiet and weird as Alex would start talking thinking she was flying.

"Were here! You've got the key right?" He said and i nodded and unlocked the door and walked in turning the light on and letting him in as he set Alex on her bed.

"Wow this is your stuff?" He asked looking at my furniture and photos and paintings.

"Yeah the photos and paintings are mine. Im a self taught artist well i wouldn't say artist really. "I said taking my hat and taking my jacket off.

"Wow they are amazing. You are seriously such an amazing person silver!" He said looking back at me.

"Thanks but I'm really not. " i said removing Alex's heels and covering her with the duvet.

"Yes you are don't let anyone else tell you differently. Alright? Anyway here my number text me when she gets better? Alright goodnight silver!" He said and wrote his number on a piece of paper and gave me a quick hug before leaving my room.

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