Just a bad memory.


3. 3

Me and Alex talked about our selves and our interests.

"Hey theres a party happening tonight want to come? It can help you figure out your friends and enemies. " Alex whined begging me.

"Who's going to be there?" I asked fiddling with my multiple rings on my fingers.

"Everyone obviously!" She said and started going through her wardrobe.

Alex was different she was a really nice person and very similar to be in a lot of things. She has short jet black hair and very tanned skin which is opposite to mine but I'm not completely pale.

"Anyways what should i wear for it?" I said signally that I'm going.

"Alright i like your style so you honestly you could actually go like that but i suggest a leather jacket instead. " she said which actually turned out really nice.

"Alright sure ill just fix my eyeliner. " i said and added a small wing to it but keeping it thin and sharp.


"Alright its show time , we look hot well you do anyway so lets go!" Alex said which made me laugh and we walked into the court yard and one of the sorority houses which we will be moving into in a few weeks.

"Alright go and mingle and have a drink from the black cups not red cause the red ones are alcohol and not the nice kind!" She yelled back at me and walked off into the dance floor of sweating bodies against each other.

I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a black cup and took a sip and noticed it was coke and whisky. Good thing im a heavy drinker. There were many types of people that had different labels such as the bitches the jocks the wanna bees and all them lot but i don't really care about that but it was just really obvious.

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