Just a bad memory.


2. 2


Yeah i drove to the new college and headed to the head office and got all the stuff i needed and went in search of my new dorm i was sharing with a girl.

I checked my dorm key and it was a weird key but looked really awesome. I finally arrived at my dorm after getting stared at by multiple amount of people.

I put the key in and opened the door to a white painted room which has slot of industrial style furniture mainly all mine and my copper vases and boxes.

"Hello you must be my room mate? Im Alex!" The girl said with jet black hair.

"Hey I'm Ice nice to meet you." I said shaking her hand.

"Wow thats a pretty unique but amazing name! Anyway i set all your stuff up also , what performing art are you specialised in?" She asked all at once which surprised me a bit.

"Oh thanks and i do ballet and art but I'm thinking of doing music as well. What about you?" I asked putting my backpack and keys down on the table.

"Wow what a coincidence me too. Probably more likely to be in each other classes!" She said all excited which made me smile.

"Well that great. Now i don't have to look like an idiot searching for my classes. " i said.

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