Just a bad memory.


12. 12

Ice's POV

I heard people whispering again which woke me up again.

"What are you guys talking about?" I ask sitting up and rubbing my eyes.

"Oh were talking about band practice. Wanna come watch us again?" Michael asks and they guys were at the table with some music notes and lyrics.

"Sure let me get changed and shower in my dorm ill be back soon. " i say as i quickly slip on my clothes from last night in their bathroom and walk out into the hallway and into my dorm where Alex already was listening to music.

"Why didn't you tell me you left ?" I asked and she just shrugged which made me roll my eyes.

I grabbed some black ripped skinny jeans and a white tank top and a jacket with some heeled boots and my glasses.

I took a quick shower and washed my hair a blow dried it after and didn't bother wearing any makeup.

"Anyway what are the plans today?"i ask Alex but she wasn't there anymore she probably left to go somewhere so i grabbed my camera and bag with my sketchbook and phone inside with my purse.

"Wow didn't expect you to be here!" I said as i turned and saw Luke in the doorway.

"Yeah ash told me to wait for you as were in a different place for rehearsals. "He said uncrossing his arms and putting them behind his back.

"Thanks , you look nice." I said looking at his outfit which was ripped back skinny jeans a shirt and leather jacket with black on black converses.

"Thanks same to you too!" He said which made me laugh slightly.

"So what do you do in the band?" I ask as we walk towards the new stage.

"Well I'm the lead singer and i play guitar. I heard you do music as well?" He said.

"Interesting , and yes you heard correctly i sing play guitar bass and violin. " i said crossing my arms over each other as we walk down multiple hallways.

"Wow that a lot , how can you keep up with all of those?" He asked waiting intently for an answer.

"I love learning new things so yeah , id love to learn the drums but i need to focus more on art and ballet. " i said as we finally arrived to the stage they were practising at.

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