Just a bad memory.


11. 11

Luke's POV

"Thank you." She said and soon fell asleep against me with my arms around her waist.

I know i just met her a few days ago but she's really sweet and talented , i know the guys won't approve considering she just transferred and they don't really expect me to go for someone like her but shes different shes not like other girls.

I slowly unwrap my arm from her waist and slide out from under the duvet and got up to Ashton's room. I always gone to him for advice on stuff.

"Hey ash you up?" I ask as i open the door to reveal him texting on his phone.

"Yeah whats up man. " he said looking back up at me then his phone.

"Yeah i wanna ask about Ice." I said sitting across from him on the bed.

"Yeah , shes a nice girl. What do you want to know?" He asked locking his phone.

"Just some things about her personality like dislikes. " i said scratching the back of my neck.

"Yeah alright. She was born in the Uk but got a scholarship to come here and does art ballet and music now , her parents died when she was born and got adopted many times. And quiet frankly she a lot like you." He said and i processed it all and i knew ash already knew why i was asking about her.

"You like her a lot don't you? I saw how you are around her and this morning you were sleeping with her with your arms around her. "He said with a smile on his face but a sincere smile.

"Yeah man , i like her a lot but its still to early to tell her. " i said.

"Well just take it slow get to know her yourself and maybe become friends with her before you say anything about how you feel. " he said patting my back.

"Thanks ash. "I replied and gave a smile before walking back to my room.

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