Just a bad memory.


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You know when you experience something that was never expected or that you never wanted to happen. Yeah thats what i wanted but to my whole existence.

I hoped my life would just be a bad memory.

Today was Monday which meant i had to go to my new college which is a pain.

I got a scholarship to go to a special arts college as i do multiple things such as ballet and also art.

I already sent all of my things and most of my clothes there already so i didn't have to worry about packing besides the essentials.

My outfit was a white button up shirt and black skinny jeans with a long blazer and a black leather backpack and my black hat with some chelsea boots without the heels though and slipped on multiple rings and a different septum piercing.

In other words i dressed smartly as most of my clothes are for more professional and formal clothing.

I let my silver hair fall down my back which went past my ass and was shiny. I also had one blue eye and one brown or known as Heterochromia.

I grabbed my Dior sunglasses and my purse with my phone and car keys.

My name is Ice. Like the frozen cold stuff , i don't really know why my parents called me that but i like it it suits my personality as people say i act coldly.

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