The Four Boys Who Changed Me

I met him on my way out of this world. He saved me. My name is Rebecca and this is my story.


16. The End

I went to talk to Michael because I trust his judgement on love. He was in the kitchen.

"Mikey, can I talk to you in private please?" I asked him. He nodded and patted the chairs at the table.

"What's up Sugarplum?" He asked.

"Does Calum really love me or does he just want me for something? Does he really want this baby or does he feel sorry for the accident? I know I shouldn't say these sorts of things but people are putting things into my head. I don't know what to do! Michael, I need help!" I almost yelled at him. I just cried and cried into his shoulder, I just couldn't stop.

"Hey, hey, hey Becca! Look at me, Cal loves you with all of his heart! He probably loves you even more than he loves me, the boys and his family put together! That's how much he loves you! Do you really think he would propose, say he wants the baby and spend every fucking breathing moment telling us how much he loves you and how much he needs you? Who put that idea into your head Becca?" He asked as he started to get angry. I just gave him the letter. Soon enough, his face was red with a mixture of anger and sadness.

"Help me please!" I begged. I sobbed again and he pulled me into a hug. Suddenly Calum came through the door.

"Hey guys! I was just-what's the matter babe?" He asked kindly. I couldn't even speak, so I just ran upstairs and into the bathroom. I just locked the door and opened Calum's razor and looked at the blade in my hand. I shoved up my sleeves and sliced my wrists. Once my arms were all bloody, I ripped off my shirt and jeans and went on a cutting spree. I was fed up with all the knocking and shouting from all the boys outside the door and then cut my skin the final time and suddenly everything went black.











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