The Four Boys Who Changed Me

I met him on my way out of this world. He saved me. My name is Rebecca and this is my story.


6. The Band

I didn't know who owned them but they looked really cool. I didn't know which instrument to start with as I can play them all. I picked up the bass and started strumming to 'I miss you' by Blink-182 and then I started to sing. Suddenly, I heard multiple claps behind me. I turned around to be face to face with the boys.

"I am so sorry! I shouldn't have touched them, they just looked so-" I got cut off with the boys laughing. "What's so funny?" I asked them.

"It's okay that you played an instrument, we are in a band! Chill, just come in here to play anytime you want." Michael said as he laughed. I nodded.

"What other instruments can you play?" Ashton asked.

"I can play bass, acoustic and electric guitar, drums and piano." I told them. They looked shocked. "Oh and I can also play the saxophone." I added and that just made their jaws drop.

"You can play a lot of instruments." Luke said. I nodded.

"Shit we have school!" Michael yelled.

"Fuck!" I said. We rushed downstairs and Luke drove us to school. They had to enrol me to their school because I didn't want to go to my old school because I couldn't deal with the bullying anymore. The boys knew that.

"Here is your locker and passcode. Here is your timetable." The receptionist said as she handed me my things. Cal took a look at my schedule and locker number.

"Your locker is next to our lockers and your schedule is the exact same as ours too!" He said.

"That's fucking awesome!" I replied. We went to first period. Cal saved me a seat next to him but before I could get there, a boy stood in my way.

"Hey beautiful. I haven't seen you around before, you new?" He asked. He put his arm on my shoulder. Before I could say anything, Calum stepped in.

"Leave her alone Jake!" He said as he got closer to him.

"And what if I don't?" The guy told Cal.

"You won't see the light of day again. Got it?" Cal said. Jake just huffed and walked away. I sat back down next to Cal.

"Thank you." I said. He shrugged.

"It was nothing, I was just protecting my girl!" He replied.

"But really, thank you. I never had anyone sticking up for me before I met you guys. It feels good!" I said with a small smile.

"Happy to be at assistance!" He said happily and we started the lesson. The lesson finished and it was really boring. I had learned all of this at my old school. I walked out of the classroom and that Jake boy stood in the way again.

"We didn't finish our conversation earlier!" He said. I stepped forward and put my lips to his ear.

"Fuck with me, or any of my friends and you won't have kids. I hope you know what I mean!" I whispered. He stood back and looked shocked. He walked away. Then Cal came up to me.

"Woah! What did you say to him?" Cal asked.

"I just told him what I'll do if he fucks with any of us!" I told him. He looked surprised.

"I can't tell if it's bad because you are turning me on!" He whispered. I blushed.

"I can do much more than that if you give me the chance." I replied and smiled cockily. He looked confused then comprehended what I said. I just laughed.

"Come on let's go to lessons!" He said happily. He rushed me towards the door of the next classroom. He pulled out the seat next to him for me and we sat down. A girl started to talk to Calum. She completely ignored my presence.

"Hey Cal baby. Is this slut bothering you?" She asked and I nearly fucking killed her. Cal just looked at her and then back at me. He put both hands around by neck and pulled in. He kissed me! Yay for me! It was short and sweet but he was so gentle. The girl was still standing by him. Did she NOT get the message? For fuck sake! I just smiled at Calum.

"The only thing that's bothering me is you right now and this beautiful and amazing girl is my girlfriend!" He said and I nearly had a heart attack. The girl stomped off and Cal turned to me.

"Wow..." Was all I could say.

"So....will you be my girlfriend?" He asked but he seemed really nervous.

"Of course Cal!" I said and he pecked me on the lips just before the teacher came through the door. We just laughed.

"You're my baby now." He said and he sucked on my neck as we were on the back row.











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