The Four Boys Who Changed Me

I met him on my way out of this world. He saved me. My name is Rebecca and this is my story.


24. Tattoos

We stopped off in London. I searched up a tattoo parlour the night before and got directions. I got off the bus with Justine and headed to the parlour. When I got there, I had to draw what I wanted done. I decided on getting a rose for Justine that had her date of birth as well. This was going to go on my stomach. I chose Calum's name and the day we met to be tattooed on my wrist. I also chose Ash, Luke and Michael to be inked on my other wrist. My last planned tattoo was the lyrics: 'We both fall asleep underneath the same sky'. It took over an hour but I was inked and bandaged pretty quickly. I found the bus and got back on. 

"What have you been doing? Did you see any sights?" Calum asked. 

"No I just got a few tattoos." I said casually. He wasn't shocked. 

"Can I see them?" He asked. I showed him all of the tattoos. "They are beautiful. I also have a surprise for you." He lifted up his shirt and pulled he padding off and my name was inked in beautiful swirly handwriting. 

"It is beautiful." I said. 

"Just like you." He whispered. I just giggled. Suddenly, Luke came in. 

"We have a huge problem." He said. 

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