The Four Boys Who Changed Me

I met him on my way out of this world. He saved me. My name is Rebecca and this is my story.


8. Punch-up

It read: 'Fuck off you bitch! The boys don't love you and they never will! Meet me after school in the hall. I'm waiting.' I decided not to tell the boys about the note because I can fight my own battles. I slipped the paper into my pocket and left for the next lessons. I tried to act natural around the boys as I didn't want them to be suspicious. When the afternoon was over, I quickly went to the hall. Rose was waiting there.

"Hey bitch!" She said.

"I could say the same to you!" I said sassily.

"Don't tell me I'm a bitch!" She said.

"I thought I just did." I replied. I started to walk away but there were two boys in front of me.

"You didn't seriously think you were getting away from me that easily, did you?" She asked. Her evil grin matched her evil tone. Suddenly, the two boys started to attack me. One threw a punch at my stomach and the other punched me in the mouth. They kept beating me and then they held me back from Rose.

"You can't even fight your own battles? You are pathetic." I stuttered.

"Come on boys!" She yelled and then they punched me in the gut and face and then kicked me a few times before they left. I couldn't even get up. So I dragged my body over to the wall and slumped. I wiped my bloody lip and bloody cheek on my arm when my phone buzzed. 'Where the hell are you?' It read. I just managed to reply. 'I'm in the hall. Help me.' Suddenly four boys ran in.

"Becca!" They all yelled. They ran towards me but were careful not to hurt me further.

"What happened baby?" Was all I remember Calum saying before I passed out.











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