The Four Boys Who Changed Me

I met him on my way out of this world. He saved me. My name is Rebecca and this is my story.


20. Planes

We got up early in the morning with everything packed. I'm a really bad flyer so I took extra chewing gum and downloaded extra songs. I had my phone in one hand and my passport in the other. 

"Has everyone got their passports?" I asked the boys. They all nodded. We took the car down to the airport. Australia to England. A long flight. We got on the plane and I snuggled up to Cal. 

"You'll be ok. I'm here. Just put in your earphones and play some music to calm you down." He said as he pulled me close and I placed my head on his lap. I shuffled my feet up on the seat so I was laying down. Cal stroked my arm as I got comfy. I finally got to sleep when I woke up with a bang. 


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