The Four Boys Who Changed Me

I met him on my way out of this world. He saved me. My name is Rebecca and this is my story.


9. Jackass

"Calum?" I whispered. Suddenly, the boys came into my room.

"Hey Becca!" Cal said.

"What happened?" I asked.

"We don't know but we kind of guessed that you got beaten up. Do you know who did it?" Ashton asked. Then all the memories came back.

"Rose and her boys." I whispered. The boys' faces were outraged. Then the doctor came in.

"You have a split lip, broken arm, broken leg and foot, broken cheekbone, a few broken ribs, a black eye and a broken hip." The Doctor said all in one. Jeez! I didn't think that much damage was caused.

"Will she need anything?" Michael asked him.

"No. Just a few casts and some crutches." He finished and then he walked out.

"I'm so sorry!" I cried.

"What for?" Luke asked sympathetically.

"Today, I got a note from Rose saying to meet her in the hall. But I didn't tell you as I wanted to fight my own battles." I said.

"Becca, it's alright. You were trying to prove something." Ashton said.

"What are you on about Ash? She could have gotten herself killed!" Calum said. "What were you thinking? Oh wait, you weren't! You could have died and look who you left behind." He said as he walked out. Luke followed him. I heard shouting outside the door.

"Why did you say that? What the fuck is wrong with you? You are such a dick!" Luke yelled.

"I feel terrible." Was all Cal said.

"You should! That was such a shit thing to do!" Luke yelled again and they both left. I just sat there crying and Michael left to go find them.

"We are going to stay here tonight." Ash said.

"Please don't waste anymore time with me. I'm a waste of space slut that needs to die!" I said. Ash sat next to me.

"Hey baby girl! Don't say that. You are perfect in my eyes. Cal is lucky to have you, I know he just sounded like he is a dick but he really isn't. He loves you." He said.

"I love him too." I whispered. Ash gave me a hug.

"You'll work it out. He is crazy about you." He said.

"It's true!" Someone said as he opened the door. It was Cal. I just looked down. "Hey baby. Look at me," He said as he lifted my chin. "I love you and I am a complete jackass sometimes but you are my one!" He said.

"You are my only!" I replied and we kissed passionately.

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