The Four Boys Who Changed Me

I met him on my way out of this world. He saved me. My name is Rebecca and this is my story.


1. How We Met

My feet paced faster. I could only hear two things: my Father's yelling and my heartbeat. My ears were ringing so loud and my pulse was deteeriating. My blood was boiling through my blue veins. "Are you listening to me?" He yelled while he strutted his hips sarcastically.

"Yes Father." I whispered, looking to the ground.

"Face me!" He said as he lifted my chin with the Vodka bottle lid and slapped me across my cheek. I flinched backwards but didn't move anymore than that. I couldn't. My feet were precisely glued to the carpet. My cheek burned like the living hell of Hades. I faced my Father's sullen grey eyes as I didn't want to be humiliated even more. His wrinkles squirmed on his face as he furrowed his brow, his shrunken sockets burned a painful memory through my heart and he grabbed my hair in his old, rotting hands.

"I want you to listen and listen good." He slurred as he jolted from one leg to the other. I nodded and stood straight. "You are no longer welcome in this house, you prevent me from fulfilling my life's purpose." He said. His eyes were so bloodshot, that they were popping out of his sockets.

"What is your life purpose Father?" I questioned. Not in curiosity but in fear. My hair was clenched tighter from his strength.

"My life's purpose is to be free of little urchins like you!" He yelled in my face, his spit sprayed me like a hose. He yanked my hair as he forcefully let go and I ran out of the living room and into my bedroom. I grabbed my large backpack and quickly put in some clothes, underwear and my hairbrush into my bag. I placed all the photographs of my Mum in there too. I put my phone in my pocket and my purse in my bag. I crept downstairs and looked for my Dad. He was on the sofa and he had literally passed out. I sighed with relief and I was about to leave but I saw his wallet on the work surface and snatched all the cash he had. I left through the front door and never looked back.



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