The Four Boys Who Changed Me

I met him on my way out of this world. He saved me. My name is Rebecca and this is my story.


26. Go

The girl pushed me behind the curtain. She let go of my mouth. 

"You scream, you die." She whispered. I saw Calum come off stage. He looked around and saw the guard with Justine. I didn't understand what he was saying but he looked really scared. 

"What do you mean a girl lead her away?" Cal asked. The guard just shrugged his shoulders. Luke came also. 

"What?" Luke asked. 

"That shitty little psycho girl has got Becca!" Cal half yelled. He stood back. "What have I done? I told her I would keep her safe." He fell down and cried. The girl came forward. 

"Hey you! You are the girl!" Luke shouted at her. Cal got up and grabbed her wrist. 

"Where is she?" He asked her. 

"Help!" I screamed. Luke came running up to me and untied me. 

"You monster! You died her up!" Luke asked. She nodded. 

"I just wanted you boys to like me. I love all of you." She said dreamily. 

"You tie up my girlfriend and threaten her?" Cal asked. 

"How else was I meant to get your attention?" She said. 

"Buy us something. Anything. Just done mess with my family." Calum said seriously. She ran off and I collapsed into Cal's arms. We went on to the bus. I was talking to Justine and Cal came in. 

"Would you like another one?" He asked. 

"Another what?" I replied.  

"Another baby." He mentioned. 

"I'd love another one! Are you Calum Hood asking to have another baby?" I teased him. He came up to me and kissed me. 

"I'm ready when you are!" He said. I nodded and placed Justine down. We did what needed to be done and we went back into the kitchen. We made sure that we looked presentable.

"I'm going to grab a test. Can you watch Justine?" I asked Calum. He nodded and I left. I went to the tore and picked up two tests just in case. I went back on the bus and did the test. It was positive! YAY! I went back to Cal and jumped in his arms. 

"Guess it's positive then?" He asked. I just nodded and we hugged each other tightly. 

"Look at us Cal. I was told that I didn't deserve to live and you were very suicidal. Now we have a baby girl and another baby on the way! Look how far we've come!" I told him. 

"We are starting a life together. After he tour is over, I'm going to buy us a house. A proper car and I'll take a break. We will have a proper life together. We'll get married and have sex every night. It'll be perfect!" He said. We hugged it out again and we fell asleep on each other's arms. 



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