The Four Boys Who Changed Me

I met him on my way out of this world. He saved me. My name is Rebecca and this is my story.


10. Dirty

We carried on kissing and Ash coughed. Me and Cal just laughed.

"Dude? We were in the middle of something!" Cal said as he referred to me.

"Don't let me stop you!" Ash said as he put his hands up in defence.

"Dumbass!" I whispered and pulled him onto me. I heard Ash leave and Cal got up to pull the blinds down. We started to kiss again and he started to unclip my bra.

"We are not fucking in a hospital!" I said and he laughed.

"We will just have to wait then." He said and kissed my cheek. The Doctor came in.

"You are free to leave." He said as he handed me my crutches. He left. Cal picked me up and helped me to the car. We were on the way home when there was a letter outside my door. I picked it up.

"I'm going to have a shower Becca!" Cal yelled from upstairs.

"Okay!" I yelled back. I opened the letter and it read: 'Cal doesn't love you. He never will. Neither will the others. To them, you are just a mistake they are trying to fix.' I broke down in tears. Suddenly, I heard Cal come running down the stairs. He only had a towel around his waist and he was soaking wet. He pulled me into a hug and his towel fell. I looked down and blushed. So did he when he had realised what had happened.

"You were going to see it sometime!" He yelled and we laughed. "But seriously, what happened?" He asked.

"I found this." I said in a small voice and showed him the note. He read it and his face lit up with anger.

"Don't listen to what they say. I love you and we don't think you are a mistake, you just need time to adjust yourself. I love you!" He said. I smiled at him.

"I love you too." I whispered. We hugged it out.

"Okay I'm going to continue with the shower and call me if you need anything at all!" He said and I nodded. He walked upstairs and I decided to make a dangerous move. I knocked on the bathroom door.

"Cal?" I asked.

"What do you need babe?" He replied. I walked in with only a towel on.

"I want to have a shower!" I said sassily and dropped the towel and stepped in with him. He just grinned. We kissed passionately and he felt up and down my chest as I felt his toned abs. "The bass does you good Hood!" I whispered in his ear.

"I don't know your secret but you are fucking perfect!" He replied and we laughed. We got out and only still had towels on. We got into the bedroom and I unraveled his towel and threw it down. We started to kiss very hard. He pushed me onto the bed and we didn't break. He took off my towel and we just laid down, kissing.

"I'm still a virgin Cal." I warned. He shrugged and smiled.

"Me too." He said and he inserted himself. That night we lost our virginity.

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