Game of Thrones: The Fanzine

I am a huge fanatic of Game of Thrones, I follow it religiously and I am aware of the rumours, fan theories and who is filming where. Note there will be content which will cover all seasons.


3. What to expect in Season Six: The Tower of Joy


The Tower of Joy



This is a scene that many GOT fans have been waiting for. The filming of this scene is being taken place in Castillo De Zafra in Campillo de Duenas in Spain (photo shown above). Many fans are speculating that this is scene will reveal the truth about Jon Snow's real lineage (I will write an article about the theory in another chapter). When the press spoke with the castle's owner, the told them that he gave the crew permission to film inside and outside of the castle, but he wasn't given any details of what the shoot was for. 



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