Game of Thrones: The Fanzine

I am a huge fanatic of Game of Thrones, I follow it religiously and I am aware of the rumours, fan theories and who is filming where. Note there will be content which will cover all seasons.


4. What to expect in Season Six: Did Tyrion actually kill Shae?


Did Tyrion actually kill Shae?



You might not have thought about it, but when Tyrion Lannister found his ex-lover Shae in his father's bed chambers, did he strangle her to death, or cause her to simply pass out. Well, this photo was taken, where the actress was spotted with Conleth Hill who plays Lord Varys. So the fact that he is also in this picture confirms that if she didn't die, she fled to Meereen since they are in Peniscola, which is where the Meereen scenes are filmed.

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