Game of Thrones: The Fanzine

I am a huge fanatic of Game of Thrones, I follow it religiously and I am aware of the rumours, fan theories and who is filming where. Note there will be content which will cover all seasons.


5. What to expect in Season Six: Battle of the Bastards


Battle of the Bastards



Rumours have gotten out about the so called 'Battle of the Bastards', between Ramsay Snow (now Bolton) and Jon Snow (please read the next article, yes, he is alive). Ramsay Bolton leading his army, and Jon Snow leading the wildings. Being filmed in Northern Ireland, Saintfield, sources have told the press 'several armies are involved (indicated above) with this epic battle'. The website Watchers on the Wall has concluded with this information that it 'may outdo anything we've ever seen on Game of Thrones', although they shy away from saying that it will be the 'biggest one of all', as it seem that any appearances of dragons is very unlikely. 


Many believe that this will be at the climax of season six, predicting it to happen on the ninth episode of the season, an episode of each season to have a huge scene. In the first season on the ninth episode, 'Baelor', the tone of Game of Thrones was set, in which anyone can die, even main characters. This is the episode in which Eddard Stark (played in Sean Bean, who dies in everything) is beheaded by Ser Ilyn Payne (Wilko Johnson). Of course, in season three, 'The Rains of Castmere', another 9th episode was one of the most gruesome and brutal scenes of television ever, The Red Wedding. So if it is set to aired in the 9th episode, there is no telling what the outcome would be. 

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