The Phone Goes Dead

THE PHONE GOES DEAD, my new album. Following on from New Alliance in September, this album blends together much of the lyrical experiences I've had over the last three years. It's metal and it's pop and it's punk rock all in one. I hope you enjoy.


9. 8. Horizons


[Verse 1]

New horizons rolling in
Coming on my way
Take a train or hitch a ride
A trip to yesterday 
Count the stars and shoot the moon
If you believe you can 
Hold my hand, please don't let go
Support me if I stand 

[Verse 2]
Hold me close and say my name 
Maybe I will laugh
Simplicity of our blind love
A key to how we last
I wanna rise to the very top
I'll stretch there if I can
I wanna be somebody new 
Not just another man

[Bridge 1]
Well I've spent so many years just lying waiting for a sign 
But maybe if I reached out it was there all the time 

HORIZONS we reach for 
Not so far away 
All those we preach for
When we should just pray
The land that is shifting 
Brings new sights to me
Horizons come closer 
If you love enough to see

[Verse 3]
Every time I look at you
You look and meet my eyes
If we both go supernova 
It’d be no surprise 
We're all stars in someone's night 
Just waiting to be found 
And if we walk lightly
Were on holy ground 

[Bridge 2]
Well I've spent so much time hoping that it'd come to me
But I guess now I need to act if we wanna be free


So many years pass by
No one will care 
If I grow old and die
I'll always be there 
In someone's heart we all live on
In the footnote in a book or in the lyrics of a song 

[Bridge 1]
[Chorus x2]


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