The Phone Goes Dead

THE PHONE GOES DEAD, my new album. Following on from New Alliance in September, this album blends together much of the lyrical experiences I've had over the last three years. It's metal and it's pop and it's punk rock all in one. I hope you enjoy.


8. 7. If All Else Fails

[Verse 1]

Lookin’ at the cracks in the ground

Find a way to keep holding on

Everything we knew since birth

With the wild wind has gone

All the things we took for granted crumbled in the rain

All the eyes of innocents so polluted by our ways


[Bridge 1]

Sign an invitation to a party in the flames

But I’ll be holding on to you till my very body breaks



IF ALL ELSE FAILS I’ll be by your side

IF ALL ELSE FAILS look into my eyes

IF ALL ELSE FAILS I’ll be holding your hand

IF ALL ELSE FAILS I will understand

If the devil rains all hell down

If the angels split the sky

IF ALL ELSE FAILS I will hold you close tonight


[Verse 2]

All the things here slow us down

We’ll just keep it revving up

If the civilized world all dies

We’ll just leave a trail of dust

If the very sky falls down we’ll just dive and hit the ground

Lay together somewhere deep and never make a sound


[Bridge 2]

Now we’re headin’ deep down there’s the fires where we belong

But if we hold each other tight we’ll stand up and be strong




Somewhere in our sunset there’s a cowboy riding on

Down a lost valley, his memory lives on and on



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