The Phone Goes Dead

THE PHONE GOES DEAD, my new album. Following on from New Alliance in September, this album blends together much of the lyrical experiences I've had over the last three years. It's metal and it's pop and it's punk rock all in one. I hope you enjoy.


11. 10. Emily Lake

[Verse 1]

Have you ever met a girl

Who you knew could change the world

So gorgeous and so perfect

And a voice that should be heard

A flame that won’t go out

No matter how strong the wind

Put her through hell

In her heart she’ll always sing



I know her by name

And I know her by face

I know her by kiss

Because she kissed me today




Please see I’m just a mistake

There’s nothing in this cold heart

That’s worth you to take


You’re breakin’ right through my hate

My love is in ashes but it’s coming awake


[Verse 2]

Have you ever met a woman who you knew could take a stand

Stronger in the soul

Than any hearts of men

Her passion burning bright

Like the cinders in the dark

Come and put me back together

‘Cause I’m falling right apart





[Verse 3]

Have you ever thought about

What the world would be without

All the unsung heroes singing

All their voices singing out

She’s like a morning rose

The petals glisten red

Without her sweet laughter

The universe would just be dead




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