The Boy Who Came And Went

Sam, abused and told he didn't belong anywhere. He believed it, and lived his life like they were right... until now.
*Strong language may occur!* *You have been warned!*


13. Truth

Phillipe watches the fight as it begins, with a huge, tight knot in his gut. He didn't want to watch this, but he had faith in Sam because of the lessons he had given to Sam since they left his campsite. It wasn't much, but it was nice for Sam to feel some confidence in his fighting skills, and the fact the Phillipe got to get closer to Sam while fighting. The thought of Sam getting hurt made the knot in his stomach tighter than it was before. 

"You look young kid. Do you really think that you can take on someone as me?" The stranger taunted trying to make Sam so angry that he loses his concentration.

"Against a Bible Thumper like you? I could probably easily kick your ass." Sam says while carefully watching the stranger's stance and movement. When he was younger, Sam used to do this with his father when he came home. It told him how focused his father is, and where he was going to strike and when he was going to strike. He noticed that the stranger was slowly inching forward, and it seems as though he is going to try and go for a punch to Sam's jugular. To prevent him from getting air, and without air, Sam was done for. 

"I highly doubt that you, Sam, a measly little queer could kick my ass." The stranger said.

"How do you know my name?"Sam demands from the stranger.

"That doesn't matter."

"Yes, it does. Now, tell me how you know my name!" Sam says getting more and more frustrated by the second.

"No. Now, are we going to get this over with, or are you just going to stand there like the worthless little girl you are?" The stranger said with a smug look on his face.

It was then, Sam realized, that his father had sent this man to follow Sam on his way to meet his father. Wy his father would do that he didn't know, but he did know that his father sent him. He knew this for a fact because only his father has ever called him a worthless little girl. No one else has ever done that, and no one will EVER again. The only way Sam was going to let that happen would be if Sam was dead.

"Okay, but, remember, you agreed to this," Sam says to the stranger. After this is over, and if Sam wasn't dead, he made a mental note to check this guys wallet to see what his name is.

Sam knew the punch was coming before the man swung. All those years of beatings had finally come in handy for something. That still didn't make it okay, but it helped a little. Anyway, Sam leaned to his left to dodge the strike. He was right, the strike was aimed at his throat. Sam was a quick thinker, though and brought his fist up under the man's rib cage. He felt the rib crack a little, and then Sam stepped away as the man fell to the ground, panting, and trying to catch his breath enough to get up. After realizing that the man was unconscious from the pain, Sam reached into his pockets to looks for a wallet. Sam found the wallet, looked inside and found his I.D. Of course, Sam thought, this guy, Robert, was someone that used to join in on beating him when he was younger. Having enough of this crap, he stood up and turned around to see if anyone was around to call an ambulance for this man. 

Phillipe watched in amazement as Sam put the man to the ground. He was oddly turned on by the fact that Sam had put his lessons to good use, and used the lessons to defend HIM of all people! He was watching Sam as he picked through the guys pockets. At first, Phillipe thought that Sam was going to steal his money, but when Sam's smile dropped off of his face, Phillipe knew he wasn't stealing the man's money, but looking for a name. He didn't know who it was, but by the look on Sam's face, he knew that it wasn't good. Sam threw the wallet on the guy and stood up.

There wasn't anyone around, so Sam began to walk away. He was about to take his first step when he felt a discomforting feeling in his lower back. Sam moved his hand around his back to feel what it is. It was a knife. The man, Robert, sat on his knees, clearly winded but smiling.

"I never lose. You are an idiot for thinking that I was unconscious from a blow to the ribs." Robert scoffs.

"W-w-what the H-Hell man," Sam said losing his balance as his vision begins to get blurry, and he starts to get a little hysterical from the blood loss. 

"What the HELL!? You motherfucking asshole! You stabbed him! How could you!?" Phillipe screamed at Robert while running towards Sam trying to get to him as quick as he could. He reached Sam right as his left leg started to wobble with the weight of his body. 

Sam all of a sudden felt his left leg start to wobble after he heard Phillipe scream at Robert. Sam started to fall, he was waiting for the impact of the hard, cold concrete ground. But it never came. Phillipe had caught Sam. Sam enjoyed being in Phillipe's arms, even if it meant getting stabbed in the back. Sam wonders if he feels the same way... Sam came up with the plan to kiss Phillipe, and if Phillipe pulls back, or brings it up again and says that he doesn't like it, then Sam will just blame it on the loss of blood.

Someone had come around the corner of the gas station, probably to see what all of the noise is about, and seen all of the blood.

"Please! Call an ambulance, and quick! He is losing too much blood!" Phillipe yelled, desperate to get Sam helped before he lost too much blood.

Sam brought his hand up, and touched Phillipe's face gently, leaving a bloody handprint on Phillipe's right cheek. Then, with his other hand, Sam motioned for Phillipe to bend down so that they were face to face, noses almost touching. Sam then reached around to touch the back of Phillipe's neck, but instead of resting his hand there, Sam pulled his head down. Their lips met each other's, softly at first but then it depended a bit as Phillipe bent his head lower to get into a better position. 

"I have been wanting to do that ever since I first saw those beautiful eyes of yours," Phillipe said, breathing out as he pulled away from Sam's kiss. Sam smiled, and his eyelids started to flutter shut.

"SAM! SAM! Don't die on me! I need you!" Phillipe screamed as the sirens wailed in the distance, and Sam tried to fight the urge to sleep, but he was starting to lose that battle. 

"I have... wanted to... do that for... a long... time..." Sam struggled to say as he began to go unconscious from the loss of blood from his lower back.

The last thing that Phillipe saw of Sam, was him unconscious on a gurney, as the medics began to load him into the back of the ambulance. The medics wouldn't let Phillipe into the back of the ambulance because he wasn't family. Phillipe begged and pleaded to let him go in the ambulance, but they wouldn't let him.

"...please... he is the only family that I have left... the only one that has cared about me..." Phillipe said to the medics, but they still wouldn't let him in the back of the ambulance, but they said that he could drive behind them to the hospital and wait until the doctor came to get him. He reluctantly agreed but was scowling as he got into Sam's truck, where only an hour ago, they were laughing and joking. Now Sam was in the hospital because of him. 

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