The Boy Who Came And Went

Sam, abused and told he didn't belong anywhere. He believed it, and lived his life like they were right... until now.
*Strong language may occur!* *You have been warned!*


1. The Story

Sam is his name, and he only has his father. His mother ran out on him when he was about four. He is now eighteen, and he is ready to tell his story... Sam didn't remember much about his mom, so he never really missed her. Sam's dad had the afternoon shift at his job working at the factory.

When his dad got off of work, he goes to the bar, gets drunk, and comes home to beat on Sam. Sam was eight when his father hit him for the first time. After that, he never stopped hitting him when he came home drunk. Sam's father, Roger, was an alcoholic. He blames Sam for his mother leaving, and it seems as though he hates Sam for it. Sam almost always had at least one bruise on his body, but not in an obvious place. Sam stuck with the beatings because he didn't want to be sent away to a foster home. Not only was he physically bullied, but he was also mentally bullied by Roger. Roger always told Sam that he never belonged anywhere, and that when Sam turned eighteen he would be a homeless thug. After a while Sam started to believe his father.

About two days after Sam turned eighteen, his father told him to pack his stuff and leave. Sam did as he was told, and he packed up his measly belongings, got into his dodge pick-up truck, and drove away to find a life some where else. Sam found a job as a bartender in Indiana. He got a job as a bust boy. He waited tables and even got tips because he was so handsome. Sam greatly accepted the tips because he was planning on moving again because his rent was over due. This job wasn't paying for his apartment, which is really tiny. In the next month, Sam got packed up his belongings, which there wasn't much to pack, and got into his truck and drove away.

Sam has been doing this ever since he was nineteen. He would go state to state, or town to town, stay in one place long enough to get a job, and then when he started getting comfortable, he got into his truck and left. He started staying in his truck because it was too expensive to rent a motel for too long. He is afraid to get too close to anyone or to stay in one place for too long because he is afraid that he will screw up or that he isn't good enough for anyone or anyplace. Roger had said this too him for so long that he actually believes it.

Sam ends up in a small town in Montana. He arrived at about three thirty in the morning, and he got out of his truck to go rent a motel because he was tired of sleeping in his truck for so long. He is on his way to the motel when he is shoved up against a car, and someone with sour smelling breath tells him to give him the wallet or else. Sam tries to tell the mugger that he doesn't have any cash, and the mugger didn't believe him. The mugger shoved his knife into Sam's stomach and ran off. Sam lay there for about ten minutes, and when he looked up one last time, he saw a girl with caramel brown eyes and brown hair running towards him. When she arrived next to him, she put pressure onto his wound, called 9-1-1 and told them where they were, and trying to get any information she could to help the hospital, she asked Sam what his name is.

"S...Sam." He replied right before losing consciousness.


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