The Boy Who Came And Went

Sam, abused and told he didn't belong anywhere. He believed it, and lived his life like they were right... until now.
*Strong language may occur!* *You have been warned!*


11. The Past

Sam has been sitting in the same spot, staring at the ground of the tent since he got off of the phone with whoever that was from his past.

"Are you okay, Sam?" Phillipe asked, concerned for Sam. 

" I DON'T KNOW!" Sam yells, finally breaking down. He lost the battle and started to cry against his will. He cursed a little in between sobs. He hasn't cried since he was nine and his father beat him, saying that crying was for babies, not for boys. 

"Okay. Um, what did that person say? The one that called you?"

"He... he said that Roger, my father, wants to see me."

"Okay. Well, let's go then."

"I-I... okay. Wait, us? You want to go with me?" Sam asked, disbelief clear in his voice. Why, why would Phillipe want to go with me when he knows how my father is. Not to mention, my father is against gays, and he sure doesn't want his only child to be gay. But, I don't care because he doesn't own me, and he can't tell me who to love. Not anymore...

"Yeah. I mean, I guess. If you don't want me to then I won't, but I... I was just hoping that I could go with you."

"Yeah. I guess. I don't care if you go. It's just that I don't see why you would want to go when you know how my dad was, and still might be."

"Honestly, I don't want to be alone anymore. I have been alone for a while now. Without anyone to talk to or anything like that. I would love to go. Plus, it would be kind of like an across country road trip. You know?"

Yeah! We could pack up everything, and sleep in the tent whenever we get too tired. It would be a lot of fun." Sam says with a huge smile on his face. Wiping his tears, Sam began to pick up the pieces of his shattered phone. He threw it when the person on the other end hung up. Sam got it all picked up and put in a trash bag by the opening of the tent.

"Okay then, I think that we should get packed up now. Did that person set a time and day? Or are you just going to go to your house when we get there?" 

"It isn't my house. Roger made sure of that when he threw me out." Sam says, hinting that he doesn't want to talk about it more.

"Why wouldn't it be your house? You grew up there!" Phillipe said, completely ignoring the hint on purpose. 

"He kicked me out when I turned eighteen and said that I was no longer welcomed at HIS house. He said that if I ever came back without an invitation, then he would do worse than beat me like he used to.

"Excuse me?! Did he say that? To your face?" Phillipe said, getting red in the face with anger.

"Yeah. He did." Sam said suppressing a smile at the thought of Phillipe getting all protective over him.

"WHAT? He can't do that! He is your father!" Phillipe said, getting angrier the more he talks about Sam's father.

"I don't think that I should call him my father. I am going to call him either Roger or my sperm-donor. Okay? That makes me feel a little bit better." Sam said to Phillipe.

"Okay. Roger, it's fine with me. Come on, let's stop talking about this, and get to packing. We have a really long trip ahead of us."

"Okay. I get the cots, food, and bathroom supplies. You get the kitchen stuff and dump the trash, please?"

"Okay. Let's get to it." Phillipe said while going to the speaker to play some music while they cleaned and packed.

"I think that is all of the stuff. Let's get it in the back of my truck." Sam said already getting ready to lift the cots into the bed, and then the tent next. 

"Okay. All done." Phillipe said while sliding into the truck next to Sam.

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