The Boy Who Came And Went

Sam, abused and told he didn't belong anywhere. He believed it, and lived his life like they were right... until now.
*Strong language may occur!* *You have been warned!*


6. The Apartment

Sam stepped into Izzy’s apartment and was about to sit down when Izzy told Sam to stand up.

“O-okay… what do you want me to stand up for Izzy?” Sam asked dumbfounded.

“I want you to tell me what is bothering you so much, Sam!” Izzy said angrily. She sat down, and she waited for Sam to tell her what is going on.

“Um. Well, you see, I am going to be… leaving in a couple of days… you know… to take some boxing and martial arts classes in a different state. I don’t know when I’ll be back, and I was hoping to tell you after we hung out so that we didn’t start arguing about this.” Sam spilled his whole idea. Izzy stared at Sam like he was alien.

“Why would you do that?” She asked confused.

“I am wanting to take up some classes so that I can defend myself just in case someone tries to attack me again. Plus, I have already been here long enough, and I don’t want to annoy the town.”

“Well, when do you plan on leaving?”

“I was planning on leaving within the next couple of days after I hung out with you today.”

“SERIOUSLY!?!?!?! After we hang out one time outside of the hospital, you are just going to leave?” Izzy practically yelled at the end of her sentence.

“Y-yes. I already feel like I am overstaying my welcome. I don’t want to annoy anyone else in town by my presence.” Sam explained slowly.

“Annoy them with your presence? You don’t annoy anyone in this town! No One has seen you more than two or three times, and even then you aren’t annoying.”

“That’s just what you are saying. You never know what other people are thinking or saying behind your back or mine. I’m just gonna leave in a few days anyway. You know, just in case I am annoying anyone, and plus I really need to take those classes. Without them, I could get attacked again, and I might not be able to have a pretty lady save me again.” Sam said without even thinking about what he said.

Izzy was confused. Sam likes her!? She likes Sam, but who doesn’t? He is smart, talented, sweet, and, yeah, he is a sarcastic butt sometimes, but that doesn’t make him any less attractive. Well, to her anyways it doesn’t. “What did you just say?” Izzy asked trying to see if he was pulling her leg.

“What do you mean?”

“The last thing you said before you stopped talking just a minute ago.”

“Uhm… I didn't say anything. Why, what did you here?” Sam asked embarrasses, and all in a rush. Izzy almost didn’t catch what he said, but she did hear him, though.

“I could have sworn that you said that you liked me, but I doubt that you do,” Izzy said sadly as she begins to believe that her words are lies.

“Well, you don’t need to doubt yourself b-b-because I-I... um… I said that I do like you and t-t-that I t-t-think that you are s-o-pretty.” Sam stuttered, embarrassed at his words.

“You do…?” Izzy whispered shyly while flushing at the same time.

“Y-yes. I-I do l-like you. Quite more than you think.” Sam said shyly.


“Wow, what?”

“I just never thought that you would ever like a girl like me. Weird, tomboyish, and not giving a crap about my appearance.”

“I like you for all of those things plus more because you are the most amazing person that I have met. That is saying a lot too because I have been to A LOT of places, and I have met a lot of people.”

“Speaking of traveling… I still can’t believe that you are leaving!”

“I’m sorry! I have to go.”

“Why? Why do you HAVE to go? HUH?”

“I just do!”

“That’s not an answer at all! I want an actual answer!”

“I don’t belong anywhere that’s why. I am not good enough to belong anywhere or to be with anyone. THat’s why I never told you that I liked you because I knew that something like this would happen. That’s why I am leaving. I am leaving because I DON’T BELONG HERE!!!” Sam screamed before walking around Izzy, and out of the apartment. He knew he blew it, so he just had to get out of there, and he had to do it fast.

Sam got to the motel that he was staying at, and he gathered his things, packed them into his truck, and wrote a note for the motel manager to give to Izzy if she came by looking for him. After that, he paid the manager and he was gone. He drove away with a heavy heart because he knew that he didn’t belong there, and he definitely knew that he didn’t deserve happiness, or to have a beautiful girl like Izzy in his life.


A/N: Sorry for the long wait! I have been busy, and I have also been having trouble with ideas for the dialogue. But as promised to Here is the new chapter!!! Hope you enjoy it!!! :)


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